About Us

About us

We are one of the leading manufacturers of ISO 9001:2008 certified pest control equipments like Mosquito Control Fogging Machines, Fly Control Machines, Rodent Control Boxes, and etc. We manufacture Mosquito control Fogging Machines in many sizes from a Handy Fog used in household purpose to Vehicle Mounted used in streets and main roads generally by Municipality and Gram Panchayati. We provide trouble free machines and support in operating the fogging machine. We not only just sale the fogging machine but even provide service to the machine whenever required at our service center. We have a very friendly relationship with our customer .We provide service to Mosquito control fogging machine any make and any size portable fogging machine or Vehicle Mounted fogging machines. We also manufacture fly killer machine used to control flies residential or commercial. Rodent control bait used to control rodent. We also provide pest control service residential or commercial.

We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers of trouble freeFOGGING MACHINE. We make Auto-start and manual-start portable fogging machinery with a capacity of 5 litres formulation tank and 1.5 litres fuel tank built-in rectifier auto ignition system, thermal fog generating machine. This fog machine is useful in various kinds of pest controls. Mostly this fog machine is used to control various kinds of mosquitoes such as anopheles, culex, chikungunya and dengue fever causing mosquitoes etc.


We are happy to introduce 30 litres fog generating machine for control of mosquito population in small villages. This fog machine can be carried by a cycle rickshaw for mosquito controlling operations. Similarly we also manufacture 60 litres and 200 litres vehicle mounted fog generating machinery for densely populated areas like towns and cities. We are also well known for our services in termite, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and rodent controls.

We maintain healthy relationships with many reputed Government and private Organizations such as GHMC, AP TOURISM, SVP-NATIONAL POLICE ACADEMY and major grama panchayati, municipalities and have proven ourselves to be the leading ones in this field.

Under the able guidance of Mr. Srinivas Babji, we have been able to carve a distinct place in industry. His tremendous motivational skills and strategic planning has always helped us to move on the path of success and to achieve positive results. Client's needs and specifications are primarily focused by us and we try our level best to render maximum satisfaction to them. Transparency is maintained by us in our dealings so that customer's would never feel betrayed and generate trust in our offerings. We are looking for the queries from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.


We have 50+ years of experiances give you better results.

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